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The Digital Cash of the Future

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Our Company Overview

Bux provides a seamless experience of sending and receiving money globally, harnessing the power of the blockchain, a decentralized peer-to-peer network. By becoming a part of the fast-growing network of Buxcoins, customers and merchants can transact reliably, securely, instantly and cost-effectively, using our revolutionary and innovative digital coins.

Headquartered in London and with offices all over the globe, Buxcoin is one of the fastest-growing digital currencies of today.

Our Vision

The vision of our team behind Buxcoin is to build a powerful digital currency that transcends across industries and verticals. Our main agenda is to do away with the intermediaries and to make our coin users realize the complete potentials of a private, decentralized cryptocurrency network.

Our three main aspirations are:



We want Buxcoin users to completely trust this new digital currency with all their transactions, without the fear of cyber attacks or errors. All transactions made using BUX are secured using advanced cryptographic principles and the latest encryption tools.



Here, at Buxcoins, we take the privacy of each user pretty seriously. All transactions made using BUX are completely anonymous, providing users with complete privacy like never before.



Buxcoins run on a completely decentralized, peer to peer, private network. It’s not run by any centralized group or company, and the PoW algorithm makes it open and decentralized.


Team that makes a difference!

Bux brings together pioneers with decades of experience in mathematics, technology, financial services, and consulting, to provide our users with the best of services and functionalities.

Why Choose Buxcoin?

The Buxcoin is one of the top science-secured crypto-networks built to ensure air-tight security for the customers which is its one of the major strict aspects from its advanced design language. Buxcoin is just not a business- flavoured, value encrypted technology but ground-worked a lot to create quintessential crypto domain that resolves out all the issues with data encryption, immutability, reliability, transaction capability and scalability.