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This is an offline storage used when excess of Buxcoin need to be stored in wallet contains private and public keys printed in QR code as well as in letter form. As online storage is prone to hacking, Buxcoin team recommend their customers to store Buxcoins offline. There are two types of cold storage.

Hardware Wallet

  • A physical storage device like hard drive
  • A wallet sheet containing address can be stored inside the physical storage device
  • Its very safe and little bit expensive
  • Only few hardware wallets are available in the market

Paper Wallet

  • A wallet sheet is printed in the paper physically
  • Simple and very easy method
  • Only expense of paper and printing ink is needed
  • Good quality printer is needed
  • Papers may get lost or prone to damage

How To Install Cold Wallet

  • Go to Qt wallet through the link
  • Click the download button
  • Entire zip file will appear on the desktop
  • Open the terminal in the linux and copy all the dependency commands
  • Run the commands
  • Choose yes or type yes at the end of the command
  • Icon will be created in the desktop
  • Click on that icon to open the cold wallet
  • Click on the paper wallet option if it is there
  • Generate new address
  • Wallet sheet will be provided with public and private address
  • Print it to generate paper wallet or save it in the hardware wallet

How To Use Cold Wallet

  • This wallet also has the options for sending, receiving and view transfer addresses
  • Once the wallet sheet is downloaded, clear the history
  • Use the public address to receive Buxcoin and it can be disclosed to public
  • Hide private address from public
  • Once if the wallet sheet or private key is lost, Buxcoin is lost


The paper wallet option is currently not available due to technical issues and fraudulent activities.