25 million coins are available for mining.
Totally 350 million premined coins.
Through Buxcoin exchange(cashfinex)
Minimum amount of buxcoin is 50 and max is 200000.
Through wallet
- sign in ( use buxcoin’s wallet link) - enter ur mail id and mobile number and get OTP . - Enter the OTP.
- click verify account or account verification tab. - update your data on the space. - Update your latest mobile number. - Upload your e-photograph (Passport size) - Upoad your pan card details. - upload ur bank details - Get OTP in mobile. - verfy it by entering the pin.
Buxcoin wallet is secured with a specially created program called Bux-Loop- Security which is assisted with reverse hacking technology continuously monitors the activity and process that takes place in the wallet. If this program tends to know the occurrence of hacking or illegal activity through the users account , this program blocks the wallet and reports the info of that scam to the programmers. A simple update is needed to getback or block the wallet’s account. The wallet is integrated with secured socket layer to encrypt all the information of the wallet owners so no hackers can be interfere and steal the data.
There is no storage limits for Buxcoin wallet.
The transfers take place in fraction of a minute 10. How much time does it take to verify account? Depends upon the quality and clarity of the data from ur various proofs. with Good quality photograph uploads and exact matching of proofs your account gets verified within an hour.
Account will get deactivated after a period of two months. And access to the account will be denied.
Immediately contact or post a query ticket to buxcoin support team to block the account and to get new login details.
Yes you will loose your buxcoin as you will forget the unique id.You have to make a note of unique id and password to login the wallet.
No. There is no possibility to reverse it back. Once its sent to unknown address it is lost. Not even etherium and bitcoin can be backed. Users need to be very careful with this aspect.
New features will not be available. But other process and functionalities takes place.
KYC- know your customer. Unknown and fake ID holders presence may lead to illegal act and even there are some chances for the cryptocurrency get stolen.