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Though today the web wallets that are built with high security , the inevitable existence of loop holes in encryption technology gives rise to unidentifiable attacks. To solve this ever unseen issues ,Bux-team specially designed a program called BUX-LOOP-SECURITY, a combination of predesigned software and a group of secret reverse hacking professionals to ensure and update the version and security system of Buxcoin network.

Actions taken on illegitimate wallet user

The users activities are constantly monitored through Bux-Loop_security system. When a user tries or tends to disobey the protocols of the wallet usage, the particular account will be stalled immediately without warning and he cannot even take out his Buxcoins from the wallet for ever. Eg: If a user tries to get in with different IP address, the wallet Automatically shows up warning signal and the user cannot log in afterWithout a series of verification process.



If buxcoin is send to wrong address, it cannot be traced back at any cost.