Buxcoin, a private decentralised cryptocurrency, a peer to peer network built from the scratch of blockchain and digital ledger concept to eradicate flaws that arises from the forked coins. The main agenda of Buxcoin is to dump away the intermediates in business or in digital value transfer and appreciate peer to peer contact, uplift the economy in the aspects of (time ,less expenditure, more value and especially from more taxation), ease out the secured micro and macro transactions without intervention of government or central-body restrictions, pave way for lightening fast crypto or digital asset transfer and ultimately create a new ecosystem in this tough business world. Buxcoin is an intense advanced-tech cryptocurrency which is built with solid certainty to long lasts its swiftness and safety with its tough security firewalls and programs like Bux-loop-security, LFT(lightening fast transaction). A completely different approach of Buxcoin to the core of blockchain and distributed ledger technology opened up many unidentified and crucial safety parameters which made the Buxcoin a remarkable cryptocurrency and irrevocable by the further consequences of attacks.

The digital future completely depends on blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart tokens and decentralisation which is inevitable and a well known fact. With cryptocurrency like Buxcoin which secures high crypto market cap and increase in value anyone can send to anyone for sharing money digitally and securely or exchange with other goods and services . The Buxcoin would places itself top with its potentials in replacing fiat money. Buxcoin with its increase in value surely gets adopted to the daily usage of people. Some of the main areas are medicine, e-commerse sites, food, ATMs, Banking systems etc.

Buxcoin approach to the growth of blockchain and distributed technology

Large number of countable blocks append on a chain one back another in a series by creating a digital ledger of transactions and shares among all the other nodes( the large interconnected computers) to reach consensus is called blockchain. . A distributed ledger represents a consensus of replicated, shared and synchronized digital data geographically spread across multiple sites, countries and/or institutions. The efficiency of distributed ledger derives from the immediate reflection of changes made by any participant towards all copies of the ledger. This gave rise to a decentralised network where cryptocurrencies and other smart contract based business programs started to rule the market without any intervention of government, taxation and finance regulatory departments which made the traders and business organizations to utilize it more for transferring money in lightning speeds at micro-charges against fiat currency. This platform provides trustless exchange, user’s control over information and transactions, durability, reliability, longevity, transparency and immutability. Due to the increase in scammers and other botnet attack rumours started spreading among investors and organization that blockchain technologies are secured-less and soon it will get replaced by new revolutionising technology.

However more improvements and different approaches( like Hashgraph, tangle etc) undertook by cryptogods with their super-tech core software developers, one thing that prevails in this world has no end until or unless it gets completely ripped off from vastly spread out community . Though other technologies tried convincing investors and business world, blockchain technology has deeply influenced and established the digital world. By constantly keeping an eye on the fact “ Nothing happens overnight” Buxcoin team instead running behind the replacing technologies, they evaluated the flaws in blockchain technology and redesigned the characteristics of existing algorithm to be more fault tolerant and free from Sybil and botnet attack which out positioned Buxcoin from the crypto-crowd. Having utilised basic blockchain technology most of the POW and POS coins had pooled in tons of investors and business concepts that has digital base which paved a way for superfast transactions and easy handling. After a deep scrutinization knowing that the era of blockchain is not coming to an end but going to take a new shape and approach in this digital and modern world, buxcoin team decided to build their cryptocoin on updated and flaws- corrected POW/POS HYBRID system.

From any aspect and an intense survey, Buxcoin’s development team could realize that cryptocoins from the scratch( From Genesis Block) in POW/POS HYBRID system is more secured, less-affected with volatility and more userfriendly concepts rather than hard forking on existing cryptocoins. POW/POS HYBRID are even trustworthy and perfectly established in the minds of modern crypto society. That’s why Buxcoin took POW/POS HYBRID based cryptocurrency concept seriously and decided to implement it on their ”bitcoin and ethereum killer” project with a main intension to eradicate high volatility and deploy higher rewards.